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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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What are the Standard output types in SD?

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What is Material type control?

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what is the difference between alternative calcluation type & alternative condition base value?

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company is dealing vth the hardware and software products. acustomer can purchase both kind of material then company wants to maintain the credit limits diffrently as per the hardware/software wise. where can we do this configuration?

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what are the userexits? how can we create userexits? whats the purpose of creating user exits?


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can we get deleted sales order numbers?


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What is the difference between incomplete order and backorder processing?

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how do we configure configurable material and what are the important fields to be filled?


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what is difference between the header level condition and item levelcondtion?

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what is main purpose of maintaining the master data?

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what is transfer order?

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on what tax is calculated on base price or net price?

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what is business item(in item category)?

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what is condition exclusion?

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where do you specify that a condition type is a discountor a surcharge?

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Sir, I'Ve interview with IBM . I want few SAP-SD real time tickets and its solution . ... E-Mail New Answers Answer Selected Questions Post New SD Question ...


Hi SD Gurus, Have you worked with an ABAPer for Smart Scripts / Smart Forms/ Form Lay outs used for Output Determination for your client’s requirement? Please provide detailed Explanation along with Configuration & Customization procedure, Steps, Analysis, path, t-codes and solution to the above questions as soon as possible? Also provide the logic for arriving at the resolution? If you can give simple example with simple coding written by ABAPer it would be great? Please include your real time data examples as many as possible with relation to your client/ Project? It’s Urgent!!!!!! I have interview within 1-2 days? So, I request you to provide solutions to above question as early as possible? Your timely help would be greatly appreciated? Thanks in advance Regards


What is higher level item category? How it’s controlled?


hi gurus, i have used variant configuration(a customer ordering a computer diff combination of monitor,cpu,keyboard) this is my scenario. i have taken and assigned(ct04,cl02,mm02) dov(10x11,11x12,12x13),colour(red,brown,grey),price(sdco,vko nd).now those were again assigned in cu01. can u provide solution urgent.


What exactly is automatic posting can you explain?


Hi, i'm a professional from hotel industry and looking forward for a better career in the field of SAP>> i visited some of the local institues where i was suggested that i too can try for SAP>>SD as my experience is related to FOOD and Beverage dept that sell food and drink and organises party to the customers in the hotel and also have experience in Banquet and conference sales...therefore related to sales...basic reason of changing my field is to earn better salary....can somebody put some suggestions to me on this.Thanx.


Which organizational element is central in shipping?


In case of third party sales what would trigger for the automatic creation of pr or po?


When you think of the five possible elements necessary for the account determining during posting of a sales invoice – where from does the system get the information?


When you create a credit memo request do you always have to refer to a sales order or any other previous document?


How revenue account is determined? Answer: g/l account sales revenue sales deductions


What is rush order?


What is a credit control area? What relationship exists between credit control areas and company codes?


How many cons. Does u have in your project?


What happens if we check 'exclusive' indication in access sequence, and what happens if we do not check?