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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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What is Condition type? Tell me the main groups?


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Where would you specify that a condition type is a discount or a surcharge?


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Customer hierarchies use?

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What is Group condition?

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Can you delete an invoice?


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Based on which documents u will create a proforma document?


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When will you combine deliveries into one invoice?

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What are the influencing factors for account determination for invoices?


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What is mean of Rebate processing?

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What is Lump sum payment?

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What is IMG?


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Is it possible to link R/3 projects to the MS Project?

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Item category group?where do you maintain it?

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What is Partner type?Example it?

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Explain the Steps to setup a route?

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Explain sales document blocking?


what is consignment stock process?


Explain the 'sales organization.' How it is assigned to a 'plant'?


Gather Information For better understanding &analyze cases received through LNOB for pirs &ccrs


When the system checks availability which scheduling would it use first?


I'm a consignment fillup we create order for 100 quantity. Then in consignment issue if say 60 quantity is consumed so will we create a consignment issue of only 60 quantity or all 100 quantity. And if it's 60 then how will the system know that 60 is the quantity which is consumed?


In one sales order there are two materials can maintain two different pricing procedures for these materials?


what is the use of billing report


List the basic elements of a customer master record?


How is the item category determined?


What is the difference between the delivery document & scheduling?


can you delete order?


Hi Experts, Have you worked on IDOC’s? Can you list out important t-codes in IDOC’s and their brief explanation for what they are used for in general and specific t-codes which are useful for SAP SD Module? I have interview within 1-2 days? So, I request you to provide solutions to above question as early as possible? Your timely help would be greatly appreciated? Thanks in advance Regards


What are incoterms? Where do we fix them? Where do you find in regular process?


the condition type DIFF is not triggered in sales the sales order if 2 line items are there from two different plants.for one material it is showing error but for the other it is working fine.what could be the reason?