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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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How variant configuration is used in implementation project? give me an example


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hi freinds i have a problem once i do the cin work in sap 4.7ee? i am unable to copy G/L accounts from 000 client to 800 client i copied CAIN chart of account but i am ubale to copy th G/L accounts to company code. can u please help for that?

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How to merge two different outbound delivery nos. for same customer in VL02N?

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what are the things to know in SD module

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What is the role of a SAP SD Functional consultant with over three years of experience in TESTING phase of Implementation of a SAP Project? a)Are Test plans being created by SD consultant?if yes then how? b)who will develop test strategy? I was asked what are the test plans you have created What should be my answer to that particular question in detail with example thanks in advance from an unemployee waiting for your response

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Alternative item can be added in 1:sales order 2:delivery 3:billing 4:Quotation

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I have a difficulty in PGI.Whenever we do PGI,theerrors occured that posting between these periods are not possible.How i will overcome from that problem?

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Can we generate a single billing document for more than one delivery?

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Hi, recently i have installed SAP R/3 4.7 version on my system and am facing few setting problems like after completing/creating any task when i try to save, it gives a yellow error message " No Calculation Procedure assigned to country IN " ALSO while creating a customer master under the head Company Code Data where we give the value for Reconciliation account and under Correspondence the Dunn Procedure in both cases system gives an error msg "number range not defined". Can anybody help me in rectifying these settings. Thanks.

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Is it possible to customize the product catalogue with inhouse application like ic web client? If it is possible please guide me? waiting for feedback?


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What is solution manager?

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which screen support consultant uses in support project?



On which server End user training are given?

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what is the difference among sales deal promotion price, price agreement?

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what is bonus buy?

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how you can assign distribution channel to sales organization?


What is difference between delivery document & scheduling?


I have advance payment scenario where customer want advance payment cannot be used against another sales order and against any credit limit. Let me put one example. Customer X is having credit limit of 1000 USD, if my client is received customized product order then he will take advance for this special order but customer X is already enjoying credit limit of 1000 USD. In this scenario my client wants advance payment received cannot use against any sales order and against any credit limit. If I will post advance payment in F-29 then customer credit exposure will decrease against credit limit in FD32 which will affect normal sales order credit limit. Here customer does not want to utilize advance payment against credit limit of customer which is use for normal sales order. Please suggest


one of interviewer asked me this requirement please tell me anybody? Issue: the problem faced by us right now is,when there are more than 2 route codes available, users can select a wrong route code which is a longer route for the destination, the physical shipment can still go through a shorter route, but company will end up in paying more. Requirement: user maintained route list, the user will maintain a master from which route should be picked, users should be able to enable or disable a particular route. Thanks in advance


what is settlement profile...when i m doing varient configuration i am facing this problem while creating sales order plz explain me......


What is sap posting period?


What are the various configuration methods available in stms? : transportation management


Do I have to change the update rules/source fields for the infostructure?


Hi,In transportation while am creating shipment cost document am getting this error "forward shipment cost items incorrect" kindly any one answer me.thanks in adv


How to change chart of accounts of company code after making several sales orders and delivery?


What are the influence factors for account determination for invoices?


What is the use of a partner function in sap sales and distribution?


How shipping point is determined?


What is the function of Profit center in Material master and how will system react when it finds Profit center in MM/when it does not find Profit center in MM? Plz answer for both the scenarios?


Hi SD Gurus, I am applying for a position of SAP SD End user. In job description, they asked for Calender/Scheduling Experience. Could you please tell me about this Calender/Scheduling Experience in detail.Thanks in advance.