SAP SD Interview Questions
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Please advise the basic technical difference between quotation and sales order?

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Please advise the basic technical difference between cash sales and rush order?

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How do we stop the manual intervention in the inquiry or quotation stage itself?

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what is the main field in account group


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What is the difference between schedule line in sales order and scheduling agreement?


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Can we assign many credit control area to one company code?


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In 3rd party sales, how do we know whether the vendor has delivered the full order quantity to the customer? If we create a sales order for 100 qty and the vendor delivers 50 qty but sends an invoice for 100 qty, how do we know how much qty was actually delivered by the vendor?

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How to upload multiple master data(Customer master,material master and condition master) and open transactions from non sap to sap in implementation by using BDC and LSMW.? If we have some thousands of customers and materials how we can upload all at once??

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How to create sold to party and ship to party in SAP

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what are the different types of order ?

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Hi Friend, I am sap SD consultant & want to learn SAP SD CIN part. there are four Pricing Procedure in SAP SDJINFAC: SALES FROM FACTORYJINEXP: EXPORT SALESJINDEP: DEPOT SALEJINSTK: STOCK TRANSFER But i want to know how to configure Table /Access Sequence /Condition / Pricing procedure/Determination of Pricing proceudre/ Condition record Plz help me with the configuration path of all 4 pricing proceudre of SAP SD CIN


how to attach pdf in output determination .



Is it possible to create an invoice for a delivery which consists of 1000 Items. But 700 items need to be billed this month and other 300 items need to be billed next month.what is the configuration for creating that invoice?


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Recently i am faced an interview. Interviewer asked me " can you explain Third party configuration ? plz tell me thanks in advance


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How can we define Region(as defined by business), Area, Territory, Sales person in SAP.


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If a partner works as a dealer and distributor and have the same master data. How does the system identify if its a dealer or distributor function? Where is the differentiation done?


In vfo3 invoice date is showing before billing date invoice date is showing sep 25 but billing date is showing sep18th In wht case the Invoice date is before Billing date


what is solution database and how to intigrate the service order with solution database? what is purpose of t.code IS31? wht is the service manager? waiting for feedback


I was faced these interview questions, please provide answer with your real life experience SAP gurus. 1. As a SAP SD consultant how did you integrate/interact with MM and FI/CO? 2. Tell me about your OTC process expreience? 3. How have you used MASS tool in your last project, and to upgrade what data? 4. Tell me about your EDI/IDOC experience? PLease answer any/all questions as per your wish. Thank you very much in advance, god bless.


Hi this is bhargava here,I have 3months experience in marketing,& i have done SAP-SD.I need 1 offer in IT sector,any one help me plz.If u want 2 suggest me then mail me


can one have multiple packing for delivery? answer is yes , but where we maintain this? wt is the process?


What is the function of Profit center in Material master and how will system react when it finds Profit center in MM/when it does not find Profit center in MM? Plz answer for both the scenarios?


What are the purposes of the number range objects J_1IEXCLOC and J_1IEXCINV? In which conditions 1. either of the two, or 2. both the objects should be used?


When we include a new customer, we have to maintain condition record every time or there is a process by which we can validate the condition record to that new customer belonging to the same sales area?


Have you generated any customized report for your client in your project? Please give solution to this question by giving your real time experience examples from your project? I have been asked this question in an recent interview. Please reply asap... Eagerly awaiting for your response? Thanks in advance.


Is there any one who can teach me SAP CIN ? I am ready to pay him. Presently I am in PUNE Location. Please Contact me its Urgent - 09987059674, E-Mail ID :


Hi friends. I am srinivas. I want to know the text determinatin. What is the text determination. What is that use. Where can we use text determination in real time. Pls explain me in detial with example.




In Enterprise Structure, we maintain Language and Currency for various fields,, what is the diff e.g we have at Company level, CCA, Company Code, Sales Org etc...


how text is determined in Invoice,What are tools used in To_be study