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Where are the places we assign plant?

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how would you come to know whether a sales order has passed through credit management or not ?

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How SAP SD Consultant gives requirements to BASIS team so that end user do not make changes in customization?

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can anyone explain rebate agreement process in detail with the configurations.


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Hi All, Currently I have been working on SD module, but want to upgrade my skill with SAP TM OR SAP MDG, But having some double mind on it. please suggest which module (TM OR MDG) I should go with. Thanks & Regards, Arun



Can anyone please suggest which module is better between SD and DP? In respect to demand in the market, also to get a job change which is better?

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one of interviewer asked me...after creation of text determination some text is missing in order...? any one plz answer this question..

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what is your SLA(service level agreement)

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hi all my recent interview question " per day how many tickets you will get? plz explain good answer


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Recently i am faced an interview. Interviewer asked me " after PGI what" ? and "after invoice what"? plz tell me anybody. thanks in advance.


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Hi all one of the interviewer asked me, "What configured you done in credit management" please help me better answer?


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Can i have different delivery plantsa at header and item level in a sales order? Lets says that i have 3 items in a sales order with different delivery plants, how will this effect delivery creation?


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interviewer asked me that he have 1000 customers he given 2% discount to 100 he want that 100 customers total amount...? Is their any standard reports to find?

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If i create a rush order for a customer but there is no stock for material available. What will be the result of it? How will no stock affect rush order?


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what is purpose of maintain partner determination for sales document header and sales document item


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we have a situation where i am about to design one process where only maintainence is taken care of keeping the existing product +services process intact ...Do you know how do i proceed???? where this process is a VAT free


Have you worked on any Functional Specification doc recently? Have you done any development work/ assignment recently? The Interviewer asked me this question in an recent interview. Please give examples from your real time/ live data project along with detailed procedure/ work mechanism and explanation along with path and t-codes if any? Please answer this question asap.... Its Urgent.... Looking forward for your express reply...I have interview within 1-2 days. So, give reply to this query asap.. I would be very grateful to you for your timely help.Thanks in advance. Regards




How to change chart of accounts of company code after making several sales orders and delivery?


Hi Experts,Is SAP Solution Manager an inbuilt software within SAP System or do you have to purchase it from outside?Please answer this question asap.... Looking forward for your express reply...I have interview within 1-2 days. So, give reply to this query asap.. I would be very grateful to you for your timely help.Thanks in advance. Regards


Hi SD Gurus, I am applying for a position of SAP SD End user. In job description, they asked for Calender/Scheduling Experience. Could you please tell me about this Calender/Scheduling Experience in detail.Thanks in advance.


Gather Information For better understanding &analyze cases received through LNOB for pirs &ccrs


when ever we are creating a rental contracts, if we go for the item level data in va44, revenue is not recognizing, which leads the plant and division is not copied in the item level data, please send if any one knows the answer ASAP.


Have you know the shipment and shipment cost


What is a Ticket? How many types of Tickets are there? How to solve Tickets? Please answer me with atleast one example of Ticket. Thanks in advance.


what is difference between individual and collective requirement


what is the use of delivery and billing documents header and item


Can anyone tell me who creates Customer Material Info Record in Live Scenraios? DO SAP SD Consultants are responsible for this?


In vfo3 invoice date is showing before billing date invoice date is showing sep 25 but billing date is showing sep18th In wht case the Invoice date is before Billing date


Understanding Clint business process & Relevant Sap Logic Review of Business & Technical Documention