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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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After creating invoice that accounting document not generated also system want allow to send output to customer how can we configure?


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Where do you maintain the number range for Sales Order Type?


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How is Sales Order Type  determined while creating Sales Order?


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when ever i post the stock in the plant through mb1c  i am getting the following error. "posting only possible in periods 2014/10 and 2014/09 in company code ****. I did mmpv. How can i enter period and fiscal year in mmpv. i dont know exactly mmpv process. plz anybody explain me mmpv process.Thanks in advance. Regards, Ramesh.


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What is the role of a Functional Consultant in ABAP Debugging? Means What we should know about Debugging a Sales Order or Delivery or Invoice.


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I have two different terms of payment one is grace period of 10 days and other one is 15 days. Now I have two set of materials, one is set A and other one is Set B. If a customer initiate a sales order for Set B materials then the customer should get terms of payment of 15 days or else I should get 10 days terms of payment in sales order. How can I overcome this.


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I want to initiate sales order and the Delivery, PGI and Billing should be done automatically without any intervention of end user. How can I do this.


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What made immediate Delivery and billing for cash sale.


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I have few deliveries and I want to create invoice for certain batch wise. How can I split invoice based upon batches.


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How automatic batch determination done in delivery.


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What is the use of dummy customer in Intercompany Sale Process

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How do End User Knows that mater is Make to Order or Make to Stock

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I want to give additional discount for those customers who have surplus in their credit limit...If a customer is facing deficit then that additional discount should not come in to picture. How can I overcome this


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Where is storage location is going to determine..If I want to determine it in Sales Order itself then what should I do ?


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VPRS cost is not reflecting in my pricing procedure even after saving the sales order though I have maintained in MMR. What would be the reason. 

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Can we assign multi distribution channel to a single customer in sap sd sales process. If yes then how?


How many cons. Does u have in your project?


When you create an invoice can you carry out pricing again?


What is sap posting period?


If you want to create language specific sales texts for your material master, would you have to create a new material master record?


What happens when a value is not entered for a manual and mandatory condition type and does a header condition type have an access sequence?


Hi my name is subharajyoti and i have 6 yrs of exp in technical sale and at present doing sd module trainig in bangalore, i am looking for exp in real time projects, pls help me out


What are the various sections of the 'customer master record'?


How do you control entry possibility of condition values at order through condition type settings?


What is the relationship between sales organizations and company codes?


how will you identify which clear is relevant for your configuration?? In sap sd??


what is the purpose of sales document types/


What is cumulative condition record?


For what do you use customer hierarchies?


Can one business area be valid for several company codes?