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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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Give some examples of FUNCTIONAL SPECIFICATION DOCUMENTS you have prepared

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some examples of functional specs for Z reports

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client wants to have sales of particular material area wise. How to write functional spec for this


i faced this question in interview.How many pricing procedures have maintained in your implementation project,and what are the requirements for this procedures?can any one help me out. Regards ramya      

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When we create a BOM through CS01, what effect does BOM usage field have on subsequent configuration? For example, if we take it as 1=production or 5=sales what effect will it have on subsequent processes?

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I am working on cross company STO. After I create STO, I cannot create outbound delivery by using VL10D. When I check the STO, I find that the delivery creation date is blank. It seems the system does not add the STO to delivery due list automatically. Is some setting in SD affecting this?

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how to create sold to party, ship to party in inquiry , quotation in sap sd


How should be the Transport sequence of SAP SD configuration from DEV client to PRD client in SAP Implementation?


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I have one sales organisation and one plant two customers are mumbai and singapor how to delivery in these scenario?


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Hi, I don't understand what is use of GAP Analysis in Business Process. Plz send me all the details of GAP Analysis Document and its related examples. Regards, Ashok Mail ID:


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dear sd guru's..i am srikanth fico training sd-fi..i getting error's in outbound delivery ..vl248&vl461..i could not go for billing& icoming payment..i saw to solve those error message's from goolgle.but i could'nt solve...please give me solution in clearly...please sir's..!


If Customer credit limit exceeds it's blocked for order i don't want send output to that customer how you configured?


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when ever i create sales order the pricing condition is not coming automatically. The discount condition types like k004,k005,k007 are comes automatically,but pr00 is not coming automatically i entered manually. What could be the reason. Pls explaine me anybady. Thank you in advance. Regards, Ramesh.

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I have created one sales order with std Item Category TAN..Later I went to Va02 and changed the item category TAS and saved the same sales order...Now I want to know what happened to earlier data ie.. TAN ?


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How can I configure that no one can change/update condition type..once the sales order is saved


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Un-Answered Questions { SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) }

How revenue account is determined? Answer: g/l account sales revenue sales deductions


How can you go for billing?


Where do we assign calender in the master records?


What are the characteristics essential for combining more than one sales order as one outbound delivery?


What is the relevance of 'Weight/Volume Relevant' tab in Credit Memo Request and Debit Memo request as in both, it is checked at item level? As I know, it is being used to re- determine route at delivery level.


Can any body please send sap sd foreign trade user manuals..


how you can include condition type in the pricing procedure?


Define tax determination rules


What is the difference between sd account key and fi account key?


What is incompletion log?


Explain the relationship between sales organizations and plants.


In Intercompnay Billing scenario, Does Idocs get posted as we delivery is done from other plant and also the Intercompnay billing happens in the prcess. Though we have the same ERP system i.e. SAP only for all transactions.


How have you used MASS tool in your last project, and to upgrade what data?


I have faced one issue: when i have to try creating miro in that one popup is came i.e. tax code vn in procedure taxind is invalid? urgent!


What is the difference between vk11 and vk31?