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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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What is a Ticket? How many types of Tickets are there? How to solve Tickets? Please answer me with atleast one example of Ticket. Thanks in advance.


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What is the procedure of Make to order configuration. Plz answer me, Thanks in advance.

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In Sales Order given qty is 8 and confirmed qty also showing 8 qty but when Im trying to do delivery the qty is coming to double 16.Pls let me know Thx in Advance


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difference between configuration and customization with examples of real time project

Cap Gemini,

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as sap sd functional consultant tell me about debugging


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when i was posting packing material (verp) in mb1c . I got this error field selection for movement type 561 / Aaccount 399999 differs for ext ga amount in lc (023) plz answer for this one


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how to fill the GAPs in BBP?give me one example thanks in advance venkatesh


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i have 10 customers ,and the total credit limit for 10 customers is 100000,if the one customer is using 100000 c limit should be exceeded ,how to configure in system Can anybody tell me Thanks in advance venkatesh

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What is Requirement gathering, Change Request??

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recently i faced an interview ,they asked one question ,,1) what is the critical issues u faced in supporting ?,tell me some issues, 2)in supporting how many issues reached to our desk ? 3)what is mean by business process of client ?how to explain ? 4)what are the document are updated in billing ? plz explain all these question Thanks in advance 8015142105 3)

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Hi, My requirement is when we create an order with reference to quotation or contract (mainly) the quantity should not be changed in sales order.So i would like to know how to do these settings if i want to control these??? Its very urgent for me. Thanks in advance.


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I want to create a sales order with 10 line items with 3 different payterms ; Is it possible. It is ok even if Invoice spilt. If ok pls let me know th Control?


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is it possible to delete an Invoice

Cap Gemini,

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What is Condition Supplement in pricing procedure?


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why we assign the credit control area to sales area?


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Un-Answered Questions { SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) }

What is the relevance of 'Weight/Volume Relevant' tab in Credit Memo Request and Debit Memo request as in both, it is checked at item level? As I know, it is being used to re- determine route at delivery level.


What is the purpose of 'output determination'?


When we include a new customer, we have to maintain condition record every time or there is a process by which we can validate the condition record to that new customer belonging to the same sales area?


Explain about your role in current/previous project? (If you have one)


What is the client-specific data?


What are the different activities under consignment stock in sap sd?


What is the purpose of the sales document type?


What is the function of Profit center in Material master and how will system react when it finds Profit center in MM/when it does not find Profit center in MM? Plz answer for both the scenarios?


Hi Friend, I am sap SD consultant & want to learn SAP SD CIN part. there are four Pricing Procedure in SAP SDJINFAC: SALES FROM FACTORYJINEXP: EXPORT SALESJINDEP: DEPOT SALEJINSTK: STOCK TRANSFER But i want to know how to configure Table /Access Sequence /Condition / Pricing procedure/Determination of Pricing proceudre/ Condition record Plz help me with the configuration path of all 4 pricing proceudre of SAP SD CIN


I have a scenario where the our unit of measure is Pc. The conversion is 1pc = 2.9768 m2. Now the client is saying that he will give the prices in Cubic meter. The current requiment is we have to derive a conversion ratio between pc (m2) and cbm. Please advice.


How is the 'shipping point' determined by the system?


A Client wants to connect his SAP ECC system to his SAP CRM system. What do you want to do to enable the integration. a)Install the plug-in on the CRM system and connect to the R/3 adapter in the ECC system b)Install the XIF adapter on the CRM system and connect to the R/3 adapter in the ECC system c) Install the XIF adapter in the ECC system and connect to the R/3 adapter in the CRM system D)Install the plug-in on the ECC system and connect to the R/3 adapter in the CRM system


How to disable the 'import all' button on stms for the queues in sap? : transportation management


How many cons. Does u have in your project?


What is partial delivery agreement? In which master data is it defined? What are the different types of partial agreements available in sap sd ?