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Hello friends, i am new to AS/400. Can any one help me in AS/400 i meant say can you send me some FAQS and interview questions.

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What is the benefit of using Externally Described files over Internally Described?

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What is the difference between a Physical File & a Logical?

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What is SDA used for?

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What are Triggers?

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Where would you use Override Data Base File?

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What controls which printer a report goes to?


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Hi friends.. i want to be a IBM MainFrame Professional.. can any body tell me what is requirement for that... i m just BA, MA, and have simple diploma in Computers. what is pre-requisite.

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how to see all source files in a particular library? ex:xyz is a library name a,b,and c..... are source files how to see?

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what is the purpose of DMPCLPGM IN CL?

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how can i convert hexadecimal value to packed value?


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how can i get the cursor position in display screen to to display my window?

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Which command we can use to update a physical file using c.l pgm?


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What is the purpose of 'CPYTOIMPF' command?

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give three main purposes of file specification ?


what is cab?


list some of the commonly used commands for debugging?


what is logical file?


a multiple format logical file is also known as?


What are the different opcodes used for file operation on a subfile in a rpg pgm?


What Does Lokup Does In Tables & Arrays?


Hi,Please give me the the answer for these quesitons? 1.what is IFS and ICF and RAPE amd DISKET fils? explain with example please? 2.What is the difference between POST AND SPACE OPCODES? 3.Can anybody tell me default printerfile command and object type?


what are necessary keywords to code message subfile?


what is library?


what does check opcode is used?


what is the necessary keyword for non-join logical file?


is there any way I can ease my rpg controls on numeric input fields? How about an input date field?


How Many Specs Are There In Rpg & Which Are They?


I need to insert a record in a file using STRSQL containing the some field values same as an already existing record in that file.I know to smple insert mentioning those values one by one.But is there any another query can be prepared for the same .Please share the query if known to you. Thanks in advance.