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Where would you use Override Data Base File?

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Where would you use Override Data Base File? ..

Answer / aa

there are several uses of OVRDBF command.. basically it is
used to temperaroly override some attributes of a physical
file to another...
main uses of OVRDBF includes..
1) Temp. sharing ODP
2) working on member other than frst member
3) setting pointer according to key value or through RRN
4) accesing object from any library which is not listed in

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Where would you use Override Data Base File? ..

Answer / ghouse fayaz

Say,u have different members in a PF and each member have
different records
then if u want read records from all
members OVRDBF is used.

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Where would you use Override Data Base File? ..

Answer / sandy

We, use this command in CLP. When we are doing OPNQRYF
before that we used this command. This command helps to
override the data at the time of comiple the PGM.

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Where would you use Override Data Base File? ..

Answer / pankaj


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