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IBM AS400 AllOther Interview Questions
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How many secondary files allowed in a program?

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What is the purpose of RTVMBRD command?

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Define an Interactive Job?

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How can you check the existence of object in a system?

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What is the purpose of FRCDTA (Force Data) keyword?

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What is the purpose of SFLFOLD and SFLDROP keywords?

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What is the function of DSPATR (display attributes) keyword?

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What is a Member?

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What is the maximum number of key fields allowed defining in a physical file?

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What is acronym of RPG?

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What is the native language of AS/400?

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How are the objects stored on AS/400?

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What is a Library in AS/400?

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What is library list ?

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How many libraries can be there in library list ?

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If I want to execute Sftp commands(LS & GET) stored in Physical file from CL program automatically...Can u Plz tell me how can I do this?...How the script will look?? THANX FOR NY HELP...


when are the referential constraints executed?


what is maximum number of arrays allowed in rpg?


what is the purpose of data structure?


define subsystem?


what are different record spacing keywords in rlu ?


at what level s,o are defined and what they will do?


when are the unique constraints executed?


Which command is used to replace CDUP command in FTP IF i WANT TO USE SFTP?


can a join logical file be updated?


what is the maximum number of record formats in dspf?


what is a join logical file?


In Which Specs Arrays, Tables & Constants Are Defined?


What is the difference between iter and do? We know both are used to execute set of statements repeatedly, but what is the main difference?


What is the difference between physical file and logical file?