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IBM AS400 AllOther Interview Questions
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What is the use of SDA ?

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What is a library list ?

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What is the difference between Physical and Logical files ?

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What does the keyword UNIQUE mean ?

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What is FCFO, FIFO, LIFO in Database environment ?

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How many record formats can you have in a Physical file and in a Logical file ?

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What is keyword PFILE specifies ?

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What is a Join Logical File, Can it be used for Update ?

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Is it possible to join the same file to itself ?

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What does SDA stands for ?

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What is the symbol used for defining a new field in SDA?

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What is the symbol used for shifting fields in SDA?

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What is the symbol used for copying & moving new field in SDA?

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What are the different types of specification available in RPG/400 ?

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Is it necessary to define all formats ? Which are mandatory and which are Optional ?

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what is the use of unique keyword and what level it is defined?


what is the purpose of overrides?


define what a data area is along with a brief example of what it may be used for?


What is the difference between non-join logical files and join logical files?


In 'o' Specs What Is The Opcode For Write?


What Is Default Data Type (if You Define Decimals '0') In Physical File?


what is cab?


how can u check no of records in a file?


how does the runqry show the output?


What Is The Purpose Of The "n" In The Following Calculation Specification?


explain the difference between defining subfile and message-subfile?


writing an sql statement from selecting records from two files using single statement and nested select statement.


what is the purpose of indicators in rpg?


how to write code for singlepage in sqlrpgle with update ?


difference between sflrcdnbr and sflnxtchg?