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Redington Interview Questions
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Windowing is a type of? A.) Negative acknowledgement B.) Address resolution C.) Layer transition mechanism D.) Flow control

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Who presides over the joint session of Vidhan Sabha and Vidhan Parishad of a State? (a) Chief Minister of State (b) Chairman of Vidhan Parishad (c) Speaker of Vidhan Sabha (d) Governor of the State

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tell me about ur self

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how to answer freshers these question "why did you choose your career in IT"?

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What is the purpose of 'CPYTOIMPF' command?

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1.tell about urself? 2.wt is BRS? 3.VAT? 4.Golden principle of accounting?


What will be the general entry for purchase return? What will be the general entry for sales return?

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what is accounting

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Un-Answered Questions

What is the return type of lookup_not_loaded() ? Does it return 0 or 1 to signify true or false or does it return index ...can someone please explain.


Is it possible to keep multiple versions of integration model active at the same time?


State and prove mean value theorem for the function f(x,y).


What is inspect in cobol ?


When rendering a list what is a key and what is it's purpose?


Who is network administrator?


Explain binding a singleton?


What is a stable algorithm?


You wan to send an idoc to multiple systems. How will you do that?


Can I change a 32 bit to 64 bit?


How should a many-to-many relationship be handled?


Is it possible to assign a user status to the operation and sub operation of a maintenance order?


For what life cycle management perspective is used? : hana modeling


Are ssds good for backup?


How to Examin the Generic Socket Address?