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IBM AS400 AllOther Interview Questions
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In which specification can a report layout be defined ?

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Can an indexed file be accessed in arrival seQuence in RPG program ?

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In which specification Data Structures can be defined?

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How do you combine two record formats in RLU ?

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What is SFLPAG

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What is SFLSIZ ?

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What is the purpose of OVRDTA keyword ?

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What is the purpose of OVRATA keyword ?

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What is the purpose of "A CSRLOC (F1ROW F1COL)"?

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Can level check error occur if we do chgpf?


What is access path in as400?


What is the difference between physical file and logical file?


What are the types of data structure in as400?


What is array in as400? What are the types of array?


Is qgpl a user library or system library?

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define a output queue?


what are the different methods to access seu?


is it possible, in the same cgi, to run more than one gethtml or gethtmlifs?


what is the maximum number of record formats in dspf?


where will control be passed after the execution of the *pssr subroutine if the factor2 of the endsr is blank ?


what is the command to know key fields of file?


explain the difference between defining subfile and message-subfile?


Difference Between Call & Sbmjob?


Hi,Can any body give the code for the below mentioned quetion.?Im trying to get coding in with easily inderstanding.Plese give me the coding for this? 1.How would you achieve this requirement with out using RPG/RPGLE pgm,but by using only CL?Read a database file and display file contents on the screen when enter key pressed the next record should be displayed on screen.When the last record is reached or when F3 key is pressed the program should exit if the file is empty,a message should be displayed indicate that there are no records to display. Database file Name=EMPDBF Fields in EMPDBF to be displayed on screen Employee Number- EMPNUM(5,0) Employee Name- EMPNAM(30,A) Employee Address-EMP ADDR(50 A)


If i change any file through application after entering data , how to check which file is updated through applications . For call stack we takes esc 3 then we chose 11..But What is answer of below qtn..?


where can you specify an indicator in lokup operation?


in which specification the report layout can be defined?


in conjunction with what other keyword must ovrdta and ovrata be used?


what are the uses of factor1, factor2 and result field for the rpg operation code parm?


define the purpose of the %sst function?