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Cognos Interview Questions
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Can any one give the example for slicing and dicing of data ?(with simple query)


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What are the differences between Cognos ReportNet 1.1, Cognos 8? and enhancements in cognos 8?

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what r the claims? how many type of claims we face from client side?

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what is the difference between Cognos EP7 series and Congos8?


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How can you improve performance in report studio level? What is the difference between Cognos sql and Native sql? How can you create cubes in framework manager?

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what is the meaning of aggregation and rollup aggregation? Difference between layout calculation and query calculation? How do you hide the rows that have null values? why we use query studio? what is the use of query studio compared to report studio?

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What is the basic relationship between measures and dimensions in transformer modelling

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How do we create row level security in cognos8?

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What is an open session command in cognos connection?what is it meant for?


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What is meant by Tabular SQL in Cognos Report net


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what is power prompt in cognos ep7series?what is the use of this?



what is report view?

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what is the difference b/w mdx and sql?

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what is render variable

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what is cognos architechure

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where you can save the report net documentation in our local system?


What are all the types of gateway used in Cognos?


What is called a slice?


I have created a database "TestingDB" in MS SQL Server 2005. I have set the port properties and the Cognos Service is up. But I don't see anything in the Cognos. In the administration i have set the ODBC connection and it tested successfully.If i copy the samples to the appropriate directory then i can see the samples.But I don't know how to do the same thing with my own database "TestingDB". As i have configure the cognos in my company which is having a database (very near to production database).I am a novice in cognos. Please help me out.


What is difference between data mart and data warehouse?


what is power prompt in cognos ep7series?what is the use of this?


Can the expiration parameter of 365 in the cognos 8 configuration how to increase common symmetric key lifetime in days


Can you define drill down and drill up?


What are the considerations regarding performance kept in mind while setting up cognos?


hi all i am searching for cognos jobs pls inform about the jobs


Define query items?


Please Answer this Questions: 1.In FWM We have to create Hierarchies, Condition is we don't know the correct levels in the Hierarchies, in this case how can we find out the levels (year->Quarters->month->day)in data? 2. In FWM Standalone Filter is for Reusable purpose & Embedded Filter we cant resuse.but is this possible to convert the Embedded filter to standalone filter? 3.What are the differences between Relational Database Model & Multi Dimensional Database? 4.In Drill Down/ Drill Up, How to specify the limits for example in a report there is 6 Drill down is possible, but i want only 3 Drill downs, the report should not allow 4 Th Drill Down.How to make this ? 4. What are the limitations in Select and Search Prompt ?


What is the difference between group and associare?


dumps needed ASAP for - C2020-180 Cognos IBM Certification


4. How many dimensions did you use in your reports?