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Cognos Interview Questions
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advantages of cascade prompt ???

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advantages of detailed filter??? and summarized filter???


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how u provide security in power play transformer???

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set scope level in transformer

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cognos is holap or molap or rolap


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How to Improve the Performance of the Report? i need this urgently .


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How do you use SUM function in Reportnet?


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How to hide/unhide the prompts which are not used by unauthorized users?

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we are in a trail to create a crosstab with rolling months as columns,i mean we have a crosstab with LOB as rows and loan amount as measure,coming to the main problem we have to create dynamically changing column in the columns of the crosstab.The requirement is ...we must have two dynamic columns like feb 08 and feb07.For example if current date is feb 28,we have to get the loan amount from 1st of feb to 27 of feb 2008 as feb08 and loan amount from 1st of feb to 27th of feb 2007 as feb07 columns.Please suggest us the possible way....thanks in advance....


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how many types of variables in cognos report net and cognos 8

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what is prompt variable


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what is textsource variable


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what are diff b/w cognos and business objects


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what are typees of dimensions


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What is the difference between Open Connection command ang Open Session Command?


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Can you define cube?


What is the function of cognos dispatcher?


-----------------What is Direct and Conventional loading?


in single column there is india and malaysia and uk canada and dubai,saudi.ok i need using valuable prompt i select asian country will be display india malaysia and i will select eurobe country only display uk canada.pls tell me any how do set this concept using valuable prompt


how can I test reports in cagnos?


What are shortcuts? Where it can be used? What are the advantages?


What are the components of the report studio?


How create measures and dimensions?


hi, i am searching job in cognos and datastage, does any can provide me the real time experieced scenerios and questions related to cognos and datastage projects, so if anyone provide me the documents related this can very helpful to me, my mail id is


Can you define drill down and drill up?


i was asked what are the caluclations done by you in your report? plz give reply


hi i need to rename a file in cognos8? can anyone help me out how 2 do it? pls suggest some solution such as using a batch file or using a procedure node or anything to rename the file


What do you mean by Drill down and Drill Up?


what are the components in the cognos connection page consists (eg: my folder, public folder,directions, schedule management tool etc.....)


which type of project we r going to snowflake schema