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Sir i want e-notes of C languge of BAlaguruswami book i.e scanned or pdf file of balaguruswamy book on c language.PLEASE SEND ME on my mail id ajit_kolhe@rediff.com

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what is array?

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Write a program that accepts a string where multiple spaces are given in between the words. Print the string ignoring the multiple spaces. Example: Input: “ We Are Student “ Output: "We Are Student"

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Write a program that accepts a string where multiple spaces are given in between the words. Print the string ignoring the multiple spaces. Example: Input: “ We.....Are....Student “ Note: one .=1 Space Output: "We Are Student"


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1.find the second maximum in an array? 2.how do you create hash table in c? 3.what is hash collision

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1.write a program to merge the arrays 2.write efficient code for extracting unique elements from a sorted list of array?


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what is the use of #pragma pack, wer it is used?


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What is structure padding & expalain wid example what is bit wise structure?

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explain memory layout of a C program

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what are the compilation steps? ( i want inside the compiler )

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what is the diff between the printf and sprintf functions?? and what is the syntax for this two functions ??

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int *p=20; if u print like dis printf("%d",p); o\p:- 20; how is it possible? plz give me the explanation.

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to find out the reverse digit of a given number

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write a own function to compare two strings with out using stringcomparition function?

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write a programme that inputs a number by user and gives its multiplication table.

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Write a C++ program to generate 10 integer numbers between - 1000 and 1000, then store the summation of the odd positive numbers in variable call it sum_pos, then find the maximum digit in this variable regardless of its digits length.


stripos — Find position of first occurrence of a case- insensitive string int stripos ( char* haystack, char* needle, int offset ) Returns the numeric position of the first occurrence of needle in the haystack string. Note that the needle may be a string of one or more characters. If needle is not found, stripos() will return -1. The function should not make use of any C library function calls.


what is the syallabus of computer science students in group- 1?


how to introdu5ce my self in serco


 write a program that will open the file, count the number of occurences of each word in the the complete works of shakespeare.  You will then tabulate this information in another file.


hi any body pls give me company name interview conduct "c" language only


what is the differnce between programing langauge and tool? is sas is a programing langauge r tool?


Explain output of printf("Hello World"-'A'+'B'); ?


write a c program thal will find all sequences of length N that produce the sum is Zero, print all possible solutions?


Sir i need notes for structure,functions,pointers in c language can you help me please


How to draw the flowchart for structure programs?


string reverse using recursion


How to write a code for reverse of string without using string functions?


In c programming typeing to occupy the variables in memory space. if not useing the variable the memory space is wasted.ok, how to avoid the situation..? (the variable is used & notused)


diff between exptected result and requirement?