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If 4 digits number is input through the keyboard, Write a program to calculate sum of its 1st & 4th digit.


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Write a C function to search a number in the given list of numbers. donot use printf and scanf

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what is out put of the following code? #include class Base { Base() { cout<<"constructor base"; } ~Base() { cout<<"destructor base"; } } class Derived:public Base { Derived() { cout<<"constructor derived"; } ~Derived() { cout<<"destructor derived"; } } void main() { Base *var=new Derived(); delete var; }


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Find string palindrome 10marks

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a C prog to swap 2 no.s without using variables just an array?


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Write a program in c to input a 5 digit number and print it in words.

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How to receive strings with spaces in scanf()

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i want explaination about the program and its stack reprasetaion fibbo(int n) { if(n==1 or n==0) return n; else return fibbo(n-1)+fibbo(n-2); } main() { fibbo(6); }

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wap in c to accept n number display the highest and lowest value

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wap in c to accept a number display the total count of digit

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what are the difference between ANSI C and Let Us c and Turbo C

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The code is::::: if(condition) Printf("Hello"); Else Printf("World"); What will be the condition in if in such a way that both Hello and world are printed in a single attempt?????? Single Attempt in the sense... It must first print "Hello" and it Must go to else part and print "World"..... No loops, Recursion are allowed........................

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what is the other ways to find a logic to print whether a number is an even or odd wit out using % symbol??????? i know three different ways to print it. so i need any other different logic>>>>>


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i want to know the procedure of qualcomm for getting a job through offcampus



i want to know aptitude questions,technical questions

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how to find anagram without using string functions using only loops in c programming


write a program to copy the string using switch case?


Write a program to produce the following output: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


what will be the output for the following main() { printf("hi" "hello"); }


how can use subset in c program and give more example


hi any body pls give me company name interview conduct "c" language only


hi to every one .. how to view table pool after creating the pooled table? plz help me.. if any knows abt this ..


Hi can anyone tell what is a start up code?


A float occupies 4 bytes in memory. How many bits are used to store exponent part? since we can have up to 38 number for exponent so 2 ki power 6 6, 6 bits will be used. If 6 bits are used why do not we have up to 64 numbers in exponent?


what is a function method?give example?


Simplify the program segment if X = B then C ← true else C ← false


how to build a exercise findig min number of e heap with list imlemented?


Wt are the Buses in C Language


what is the c source code for the below output? 5555555555 4444 4444 333 333 22 22 1 1 22 22 333 333 4444 4444 5555555555


What is the difference between specifying a constant variable like with constant keyword and #define it? i.e what is the difference between CONSTANT FLOAT A=1.25 and #define A 1.25