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C Interview Questions
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If 4 digits number is input through the keyboard, Write a program to calculate sum of its 1st & 4th digit.


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Write a C function to search a number in the given list of numbers. donot use printf and scanf

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what is out put of the following code? #include class Base { Base() { cout<<"constructor base"; } ~Base() { cout<<"destructor base"; } } class Derived:public Base { Derived() { cout<<"constructor derived"; } ~Derived() { cout<<"destructor derived"; } } void main() { Base *var=new Derived(); delete var; }


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Find string palindrome 10marks

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a C prog to swap 2 no.s without using variables just an array?


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Write a program in c to input a 5 digit number and print it in words.

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How to receive strings with spaces in scanf()

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i want explaination about the program and its stack reprasetaion fibbo(int n) { if(n==1 or n==0) return n; else return fibbo(n-1)+fibbo(n-2); } main() { fibbo(6); }

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wap in c to accept n number display the highest and lowest value

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wap in c to accept a number display the total count of digit

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what are the difference between ANSI C and Let Us c and Turbo C

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The code is::::: if(condition) Printf("Hello"); Else Printf("World"); What will be the condition in if in such a way that both Hello and world are printed in a single attempt?????? Single Attempt in the sense... It must first print "Hello" and it Must go to else part and print "World"..... No loops, Recursion are allowed........................

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what is the other ways to find a logic to print whether a number is an even or odd wit out using % symbol??????? i know three different ways to print it. so i need any other different logic>>>>>


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i want to know the procedure of qualcomm for getting a job through offcampus



i want to know aptitude questions,technical questions

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Un-Answered Questions { C }

What are variables c?


Define and explain about ! Operator?


Explain how do you list a file’s date and time?


Why C language is a procedural language?


What is #include stdio h and #include conio h?


What is a 'null pointer assignment' error? Explain what are bus errors, memory faults, and core dumps?


Why do we need arrays in c?


What are # preprocessor operator in c?


the 'sizeof' operator reported a larger size than the calculated size for a structure type. What could be the reason?


Can i use “int” data type to store the value 32768? Why?


What is a rvalue?


Is anything faster than c?


Should a function contain a return statement if it does not return a value?


What is typedef struct in c?


Explain enumerated types in c language?