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Essar Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Distinguish between Earth & Neutral?

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How can we calculate the motor frame sizes?


why in large rating C.T.s equipotential wires are used?

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what is softstarter? explain briefly where it is used?

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how to calculate cable size, olr rating, contactor rating and mccb rating,to below given details three phase motor 75 kw,415 v,.85 pf,50 hz?

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what is main advantage if motor connected in star or delta?

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what is tha online tapping and offline tappchange? which side connected primary or secondary and explain ?

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what is earth resistance? how to measured? and give values at power station and mcc area?


what is bus coupler? and how many type? which one is big advantage ?

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whata is battery charger ?how many cells connected for 110v?

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what is lightning arester?generaly which type of used in industeries? why its used?

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what is elevation lamp?where its used?

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why ct secondary side shortlink provided? its open what will happen?while running ?

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what is diffrances between fuse and breaker protection? which one is best?

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what is load cell? whrere its used ? how to measured?

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Essar Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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