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Essar Interview Questions
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i want all question & answers of the written exam

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Whats the diference between Induction motor and servo motor

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why for transformer protection we protect tranformer from 3rd hormonics and 5th hormonics and what is the reason of generating these horminics in electrical system?

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In step down transformer (415/200V),mistakenly secondary side is connected to 415V for some hours, what would be result of this condition?

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can u please tell me how VFD(variable frequency) drive is used as a energy saver....?

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what are the various questions asked on excel in an interview

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check list of maintenance of transformer?

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Can anybody tell me how to select the size of earthing cable for DCS & PLC system.Please tell me any relevant answer here or mail it to me.


why we are not earthing ht cable at both the ends(sending & receiving end)?

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where does preliminary expenses put in the balance sheet?

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What is the Polarisation index value ? (pi value)and simple definition of polarisation index ?

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a 3 phase slip ring induction motor is wound for 4 poles on stator and 6 poles on rotor; when 3 phase balanced voltage source at 50 hz is applied to motor it will run at a)1500rpm b)1000rpm c)750 rpm d)zero rpm

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What is cutt off ratio in IC Engines.give proper defination.

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Distinguish between Earth & Neutral?

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why water's critical point is 4*c ?

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Essar Interview Questions

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