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Essar Instrumentation Interview Questions
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what is the difference between signal cable and ontrol cable?

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Can anybody tell me how to select the size of earthing cable for DCS & PLC system.Please tell me any relevant answer here or mail it to me.


Can any body give detail about orifice sizing?

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1 bar is equal to how many pound per square inch(psi)?

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what is the working principle of vortex flowmeter

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what is the basic working principle of I/P and Positioner in any control valve.

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If i have 4 Allen Bradely make RS logix 5000 PLC and for viewing that we are using 4 RS view SCADA for 4 different packages. Now, I will want to view two packages on only one SCADA. Then how i will do it?


what is the meaning of GK value(fullform) in flowmeter ?

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how do calibrate the valves.. with clear manual


In bently nevada vibration monitoring system,what is the reason to maintain the Resistance of the probe + extension cable equal to 95 ohm? If possible explain the basic principle of measurement with detail electronic circuits.


what happen if i increase height of displacer type LT.accuracy or sensitivity are affected.why?


What is the SCAN time of a DCS/PLC? What is the typical value for scan time of DCS and PLC?

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Please tell me details about Sox,Nox,SWAS analyser????


I have a MRE200 amplifier for controlling a mitsubishi servo motor, I would like to know how many pulses are required to rotate the servo motor by 1 degree and what must be the pulse width

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Essar Instrumentation Interview Questions

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