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Essar General Aptitude Interview Questions
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The highest Score in an innings was 3/11 of the total and the next highest was 3/11of the reminder. If the scores differed by 9, find the total score.

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one question on: -=+,*=-,/=* etc then 10/5*45=?

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A can do a piece of work in 30 days, which B can do in 20 days. Both started the work but A left 5 days before the completion of the work. It took how many days to complete the work?


A farmer built a fence around his 17 cows, in a square shaped region. He used 27 fence poles on each side of the square. How many poles did he need altogether?


If the simple interest is 10.5 % annual and compound interest is 10 % annual, compounded annually, find the difference between the interests after 3 years on a sum of Rs. 1,000.


What is the value of a property, which has been insured at the rate of 1/6% of its value, if the annual premium paid on it is Rs. 83.33 (in Rs.)?


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Essar General Aptitude Interview Questions

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