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DELL Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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Team Acceptance What you will do if the person in your team doesn’t accept you because they are quiet old in the project?


Tell me something about ur favourite Holiday destination?

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hi! am SURESH, from Hyderabad. i completed my MCA in the year 2008, but due to recession still i didnot get any job in the IT field. So now, i need to work in order to help my fimily financially! so i thought of shifting to the Bpo's. So, in Bpo's if they ask about like this-"why ur selecting this Bpo field instead of IT field" what i need to answer to this question! please help me out!

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topic was , tell me something about 'CHILDLABOUR'?

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how can you spend your day yesterday

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what are the five things you must carry for your interview?

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What is an Ethernet switch ?

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I am interested in bpo non voice HCL BPO there is a written test i.e)aptitude contains basic grammer,20 aptitude ques,basic networking ques.pls help me to clear this test.

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what are the new things you are going to do,when you join in a call center job

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Who is your role model

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Why do you think that we will appoint you?

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can you explain how to i give my self introduction

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About myself and computer networking

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how did you spend your free time

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Why are you leaving your present organisation?

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DELL Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions

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