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DELL Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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1. Whats diffrence between call centre and bpo 2. whats diffrence between domestic call centre and international call centre 3. dont' answer "call centre is a booming industry give other answers

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You are working in your organization from 3 months. why do you want to live?

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how to say the self introduction

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which of the following is the newest type of connector for a printer interface? a. USB b. Serial c. SCSI d. Parallel On a system with one hard drive and one CD-ROM what is the typical placement of the CD-ROM drive? a. Slave drive on the primary IDE channel b. Master drive on the primary IDE channel c. Slave drive on the secondary IDE channel d. Master drive on the secondary IDE channel which device connects to a parallel port? a. Mouse b. Joystick c. Keyboard d. Printer What command will restore a backup copy of the registry from DOS? a. CHKDSK b. CHKREG c. SCANREG d. SCANDISK which utility is used to partition a new hard drive in windows 98? a. FDISK b. Format c. Partition Manager d. Windows Explorer Which of the following conversions is possible in windows 98? a. FAT 16 to NTFS b. FAT 32 to FAT 16 c. Fat 16 to Fat32 and Fat32 to Fat 16 d. Fat 16 to Fat 32 but not Fat 32 to Fat 16 You have replaced the CMOS battery. What must you do next? a. FDISK b. Reinstall the OS c. Set the date and time d. Format the hard drive The first physical sector in any bootable hard disk contains which of the following? a. File Structure b. Data structure c. MBR d. LBR What must an IDE hard drive have in order for an AGP slot? a. Active partition b. Passive partition c. Dynamic partition d. Extended partition Associated entries in the FAT are removed. Just give me these Answers anybody plzzzz

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how does it help discipline to success ?

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what are the qualities required to become area manager in call center and what is his job in call center plz tell

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please narrate your daily routine.

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how did you spend yester day

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what is your favourite colour

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what topic asked to speak about 3 minutes and give answer of the topic and brief

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about hyderabad

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what r u doing now a days?

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tell about yourself?

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Give me full details of about yourself


wat is ur holiday favourite holiday spot

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DELL Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions

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