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About myself and computer networking

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About myself and computer networking..

Answer / sachinsutey

Good Morning /Afternoon/Evening to Every one .
I M Sachin sutey m 24 years old from Nagpur.My born placeNagpur its very beautiful and orange city. I am currently working in Global group maharishi information Technology P.V.T. LTD. as an Administrator. There are seven members in my family my father is a government Servent as Manager in Bank of maharashtra , my mother is a social worker , I have three Sisters & one brother, my elder sister is MD LLB , eldest sister is vetrnery doctar ,third sister is dentist , Younger brother is in BCS .
I have Completed MCSA (Microsoft Certified system Administrator ),RHCE (Read Hat Certified Engineering )
I started my career working as a Hardware engineer,
my role was to assemble pc troubleshoot pc problems.
I joined Maharishi as an Administrator there i was taking care of Lease line ,Chairman Office ,Programmer Building with more than 30 Computers, in my roles Watch and moniter the whole LAN network ,WEB Server , ., troubleshooting of Computer’s problems arised in due time, further to that i worked in UK as an I.T and maintain the audio video system .
My hobbies are playing chess, and listening to songs. I am energetic positive thinker.mycoursemy key factor is my self confidence, flexibility to work in condition.

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About myself and computer networking..

Answer / ninu00

Hi i am Dipisha Chari from Panaji, I have completed 12th HSS
Commerce and have Diploma in Computer hardware and
networking course. I have a great knowledge on networking
and would like to join in Call Centres to solve customer

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