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DELL Cognos Interview Questions
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What is the difference between drill down and drill through?

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what are versions of cognos from starting release to latest in the market?

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What's the limitation of 'Page Footer' in Report Studio? e.g. If I have an activity prompt (list of activities in a Search & Select Prompt) and selected around 2500 activites from the 'Activity' Search & Select Prompt and when I ran the report I got a message "#! Overflow" in page footer. Can somebody please tell me what's max. limit. I tried with around 300 activities and page footer displayed the activities. Your help will be appriciated.


Can someone tell me whether we can apply filter on list of values in the 'Value Prompt'? e.g. I have a value prompt (named city) and the prompting is holding around 2000 cities but I want to apply filters on cities so users can select only 15 cities out of 2000 and then run the report. Users should be flexible enought to select any 15 cities from the list. Is it possible. Please advice!

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What's use of a Master Detail report in Cognos? I mean what's the advantage? Please Explain.

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Why Star Schema is de-normalized? Please explain in detail probably with some examples.

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DELL Cognos Interview Questions

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