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DELL Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what are the stages in Testing life cycle?

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what is the difference between Load,Stress and Volume Testing?

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May i know high priority&low seviarity,high seviarity&low priority

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Hello Everyone, I am trying to seek a job in testing. Could someone please send me few real time 'Test Plan','Test Case','Tracibility Matrix'? Thanks, Lakshmi

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When testing a module incase due to hardware failure or any system problems if the testing fails what wil be the test result???

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hi, this is an interview question."what are the testing skills that u have ?". how can i answer to this one ? reply me correct answer plzzzzzzz

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IN software testing i have 3.2 yrs exp in testing. last week i attend the interview at Dell comaputers. interviewer asked me that what are the challenges faced in the project. but i didn't able to answer it properly. Anybody can answer it. Thanks in advance.


What is the base data for drawing Triangle?

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List the considerations in developing testing methodology


There is an help option in one window, which consists of 100 pages. I want to test one word from every page. How can I do this in 5 minutes?

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There is an help option in one window, which consists of 100 pages. I want to test same word from every page. How can I do this in 5 minutes?

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What type of testing skills we required for a testing.

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Post New DELL Manual Testing Interview Questions

DELL Manual Testing Interview Questions

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