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DELL Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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Why do you want to earn money?

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unforgettable movement in your life?

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When a customer starts abusing u how will u deal with him? n what do u do?

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why do you want to join dell?

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why do u want to join a call centre ?

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why do u want to leave the last organization ?

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why do u want to leave the last organization ?


speak for a minute where you reside?

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who is your role model in life?

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tell me six points about hyderabad

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In the HR round, questions were: Tell me about yourself? Why do u want to join dell? Are to compatible to work in night shifts? Consider a situation when a customer who's an author calls up to tell that his hardware is corrupted and all his writings were stored on the system. Next was technical round. Questions asked were: what is BIOS? what is POST? what is RAID? Mirroring? striping? what is the CD capacity? What is the DVD capacity? What are the different flavors of XP? What is the configuration of the system u use at home? what is trouble shooting? Tell me about your project? What do u know about the different dell products? Do u kne about your nature of work? What if the software field improves and u get a call from them, would u jump over? Next was the ops round where they check for ur compatibility i.e. your long term commitment wth the company.

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1.6. Tell me something about your happiest day of your life.


Whats the difference between p1 and p2 systems

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Narrate a story which you liked.. and why.


plz send me some questions for dell's versant test. i scored 59/60....lost by 1 mark...this time i want to clear it .... please help me

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DELL Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions

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