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DELL Informatica Interview Questions
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Which transformation should we use to normalize the COBOL and relational sources?

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how many tasks are there in informatica ?

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I have data like sno mailid 1 2 3 .. ..... like this for N no.of how we will send a message 'meet hr' at a time in windows environment by the informatica..

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how to read data from website into informatica? plsss send answers ASAP thanks in advance.

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how can send duplicate records to one tableand non duplicate records to one table with simple clear mapping?

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explain abt ur project architecture?


 Suppose you have n no.of records @ your flat file and you have seen some of records are missing while reaching to the destination. How can you trouble shoot it?

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 Informatica Checkpoints


 Code page compatibly –Where all changes are made to handle the scenario.

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Hi experts ,I have a Source of 1000 records.I have to load 100 records in first target,101 to 200 records in 2nd target, 201 to 300 records in 3rd target and again 301 to 400 in first target like that as cyclick process. How can i acheive this.

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without update strategy how to insert &update?

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what are the deliverables?in your project?


I have 5 sessions s1,s2,s3,s4 & s5 and i want execute s1,s2,s3,s5 after s4. How?

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I have the source like col1 col2 a l b p a m a n b q x y How to get the target data like below col1 col2 a l,m,n b p,q x y

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How to display session logs based upon particular dates. If I want to display session logs for 1 week from a particular date how can I do it without using unix.

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DELL Informatica Interview Questions

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