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DELL Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions
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1: At the time of perido end process we use one sweep progrem? what is it and explin the process? 2:How to import the accounting entry's from Ap to GL? plz explain?

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What are the types of journal categories available in the AP?

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What is Zero-Payment in AP

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At what level FA is implemented?

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What is the process (including setups) of Assets from PO module to Assets Module in Oracle Financials?

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What is the Invoicing System in Oracle R12


I have a requirement where during the consolidation into USD (from GBP books) I want use two different exchange rates for two consolidations. Child SOB is same but the Parent SOB's are different. How can this be done in Oracle Financials? Answers will be Appreciable. Thank You.


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DELL Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions

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