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DELL COBOL Interview Questions
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what is the difference between Normal vaiable and comp variable.

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can i give 9(10) in comp 3 instead of s9(10) ? if i can give wht would be ths ans

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wht is load module and object module ?

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wht is structured cobol pgm and non structred cobol pgm ?

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how can we get current dat and time thru cobol pgm

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how can i see junk values in dclgen or in hostvariable of comp ?


can any one give good example for cond 88 level number and for renames pls urgent dudes ?

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how will u code parm parameter and where pls ?

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wht is the difference between goto and perform stmts

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wht is the diff b/w if and evaluate stmts ?

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how do you move only numeric data from A to B 01 A pic x(10) value 'a1b2c34d5e'. 01 B pic x(5).

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describe 805 error

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what is sync clause?

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How can you add a particular field/coloumn in copybook?

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DELL COBOL Interview Questions

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