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DELL Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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Tell me something about ur self

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somebody can help me to fin all the trasncripts for the versant tests the ones DELL make in the phone pleasi i need help!!!

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What would you do if your superior tells you to do something that you know is not right in the way of doing

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why should our company hire u?

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Hai, I am mitesh. All common Interview questions and answers. send me

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what is the diffrence of domestic and international call centre?

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sell this pen too me?

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Tell me about your most memorable moment.

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Why should we hire you?

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How to Solve blue screen error ?

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can you sell some thing to me?

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why did you want to join the call centre?

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what is call centre

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All question of call centre which will ask in interview, please send me on my email id as soon as possible

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how to start saying abt my memorable moment

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DELL Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions

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