can you sell some thing to me?

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can you sell some thing to me?..

Answer / hussin

you can act like this:
first say : yes sir i can sell you something
and pick up the pen or something else on disk" after you
are permitted by the interviewer" and try to instantly
imagine something to say to persuade the interviewer to buy
the pen from s like : look at this pen , it s
easily to use soft in its design everyone will like
ll appreciate it from the first time..what is more
fascinating about this pen it s cheaper ..only half the
price of other pens..
your friend hussine

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can you sell some thing to me?..

Answer / joseph

at those who answered.
i think it is asked that you "sell something" for the
interviewer to see if you are capable of selling things.

it is not asking you to really sell them anything.. this one
made me laugh! XD

for example, look around you. like a pen. sell the pen to
the interviewer.

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can you sell some thing to me?..

Answer / rakesh

Sorry Mr.Akshay...even by mistake dnt tell that ur man power
is for sale.they cant accept it.interviewrs will get a
impression that u just want money and ur not botherd wat
hapns to company which is purely a "dedication" issue.
They will surely Put u a question saying "IF Mr.X pay u more
will u seel him Ur man Power??" then ur trapped fr
avoid it.

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can you sell some thing to me?..

Answer / rakesh

well,,they really do not want to make u a sales man...all
they need to know is wether if provided a product knowledge
will u be able to communicate it at the best.
they may ask u to sell.pen,ur mobile,car,bike
put more emphasis on brand(if u r selling a
car,maruti,tata,mitsubishi,mercedes etc)and in the middle
try to knw wat they lookin fr actually and in wat way ur
product can give u best then wat they own now...its quite
easy job..
very sure question for ppl opting in outbound call centres.

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can you sell some thing to me?..

Answer / sushant

I have a Pen which is made of gold , i think that suites
you the Best , becos managers of your status need to keep
some gadgets like this , it has a ink which will not spill
even in the summer with 60 degress celcius and will work in
places below 0 degree celius . the pen does not carry any
recurring cost when you buy this pen we give you 10 refills
free of cost . oh ok now i think you would be curious to
know the cost of the pen its just 40,000 INR , i know its
cheap but we have a offer going on till the 10th of this
month inclusive of all taxes , so would you like to pay
through visa or master or a checkin account

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can you sell some thing to me?..

Answer / hemant sharma

sir,it will be a pleasure to sell something to you but if u
don't mind could i have a clue what actually u want to buy.

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can you sell some thing to me?..

Answer / rhedz

yes!your correct joseph...

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can you sell some thing to me?..

Answer / saurabh


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can you sell some thing to me?..

Answer / neha


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can you sell some thing to me?..

Answer / vivek

ya akshya you r dead right man....selling doesnot only
means sellings means selling your
abilities ,skills,ideas,expertise ,knowledge,attitude in
order to make profit for the company,,,,all those persons
against this and akshyareally need to learn
professionalism..i suggest them to read a book of "joe
girard" named"the art of selling yourself"..

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