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Covansys Manual Testing Interview Questions
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How to design the test cases?

3 5473

What templates used to design the test cases?

3 7095

What is test description and documentation?

2 7553

What is review checklist?

1 3742

What is GUI Check list?

2 5329

What is Build and what is Installation testing?

2 4842

What are test entry and test exit criteria?

5 9958

What are the different test deliverables?

6 10318

What is known issues?

5 5990

What is Usability and Compatibility testing?

6 14215

What r the input documents to the design test cases?

7 7944

What report u generate after completing testing?

5 7645

What is test summery report and it content?

3 5427

What is TRR ?

3 9347

What is Traceability matrix?

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