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Covansys QA Concepts Interview Questions
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What is the cost of quality?

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What are points should consider at the time of reviews?

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What is test execution/efficiency metrics?

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if the requrements are not there in the specifications then how will you write the test scenario& test Cases

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Whats'the difference between Seviroty and priority .. Please answer in the follwoing way ? 1) Who will give the priority and Sevirity (ex - client/users and testers/developers) ? 2) If the client wants to give a high importance to an issue and for that the QA and developement don't think that much importance then how would be the situation ? 3) If a high sevirity issue is there but another issues is there with high priority .. Then which issue will be fixed first and vice versa ?

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hi, they have given 2 tables to write quries in SQL SERVER 2000 based on table as follows . 1st table :author: COLUMNS AS FOLLOWS pk. AUTHOR F_NAME DOB NATIONALITY 2ND TABLE BOOKS: COLUMNS AS FOLLOWS; PK ISDN F.K AUTHOR LANGUAGE PUBLISH_DATE; 1) RETRIVE author who is indian and hindi write in a) as joins b) sub quries 2)retrive who is younger author ; 3)retrive author who wrote more than one book in different language. 4)retrive author who has wrote in different language in each year write all queries in sql for sql server


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