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Covansys Interview Questions
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what is winrunner framework

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What are the different roles of testers in Verification and Validation?

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in one report using two layout models.if yes how to do

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wa is connection pooling? how do u create connection pooling?wat is use connection pooling?

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SQL: 1. Write a queryto retrieve the author who was published a book at the youngest age? 2. write a query to retrieve the no. of books published a each year in various languages? 3. write a query to retrieve no. of books published by them only those authors who have published more than 1 book? 4. write a query to retrieve who has not published any books during the year 2006? 5. write a query to retrieve the authors who has published any books during the birth date write this query in 2 ways 1)joins 2)sub query 6. write a query to retrieve all the books which was published during jan 2007 & title containing India or published in the language hindi? 1. table name is liberary managemnt and two column is there one is authors and another one is books . 2.four fields will comes under authours like nationality, birthdate ,first-language,second-language 3.four fields will comes under books like authour,title ,language,publish date to write query using this details

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How to test CICS, MainFrame applications

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what is port testing and do it comes in manual testing?


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