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Covansys Manual Testing Interview Questions
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In development costs what percent Software testing accounts?

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what type of documents can u prepare during Testing?

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What is the diffrence between product base company and application company ? if product base name few products,if service base name the few services.

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What are the activities involved by the Test engineer (having 2+ yrs of exp).

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What are the documents required to prepare test plan?

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What are the different types of models?

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What is the diff. Between Waterfall and Spiral model?

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What is testing life Cycle and Explain different phases?

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What is the difference between SRS and FS?

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What is the difference between Functional requirement and business requirements?

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What are the different roles of testers in Verification and Validation?

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What is a test requirement?

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How to derive test requirements from SRS?

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What are the different test techniques?

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