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Covansys Automation Testing AllOther Interview Questions
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What is Automation Testing Framework

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What is Bidirectional Tracebility, how u use it.

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What is Test strategy documents.

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What is Database Testing?

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Un-Answered Questions

what is cost accountinp


Give me an example of a time when you motivated others.


How emergency call get through without coverage but not other call at that time?


What are the limits for LOD and LOQ?


how to convert postfix notation into prefix in data structures. please send me algo of taha


I want to open particular list of members inside pds.Let me know whether below code will work.if not tell me how it works INPUT='DDM.DATASET(AAA*)' X = OUTTRAP(MEMS.)


I am working at ADP in HR/PAYROLL process now i want to learn SAP HR will it help me out to get a job with the domain knowledge and i hold 2 years exp in HR Payroll. can i keep my cv as having 2years domain knowledge do companies hire if i have domain knowledge kindly advice on this.


Everybody, I just have joined this Forum with a hope to get help from you all.Last Week I finished SAP CRM training and presently looking for jobs. Any help from you guyzs will be greatly appreciated. To start with if I can get INTERVIEW QUESTIONS & ANSWERS mailed to me at


how many times pcc can run for one material?


pls send the docs of any telecommunication mainframe project


Describe the Managed Execution Process


how to implement scd2 in datastage 7.5 with lookup stage


What is DDE?


how to make a scientific calculater ?


What are the organizational related Infotypes


Covansys Automation Testing AllOther Interview Questions
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