What is TRR ?

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What is TRR ?..

Answer / neena

Mr Guest, i think your answer is wrong.

TRR is nothing but Test Readiness Review
This will contain Versions of the Software that we are
going to test.

Once after recieving the new build, tester should run the
TRR to make sure that he is using the latest versioned


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What is TRR ?..

Answer / deepika

It has to be done before Stage gate review(SGR),
TRR contains test file names and versions of Test file.
TRR will be performed after implementation of files
according to changes in that particular load.
So,it also contains build details and change requests of
that load , if you have any target hardware to execute
files,TRR contains this details too.

after preparation ,QA has to approve this,then dry run
execution can be performed.

Please correct me if im wrong.


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What is TRR ?..

Answer / guest

Test Result Record..
consists of
Failed test cases
Bug description
Test description

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