What is known issues?

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What is known issues?..

Answer / rajendra

known issues means
Known limitations or Known defects/bugs
present in the application or product.

this will be on of the important i\thing in release notes



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What is known issues?..

Answer / kiran

The issue which is known to all the members of the total
team, which can be resolved later by discussions, just like

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What is known issues?..

Answer / murthy

Known Issues which includes defects with New, Reopen,
Deferred status. Need to mention this in Summary Report.

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What is known issues?..

Answer / geethathiraviam

A bug already known i.e before create a bug we need to
ensure that whether the bug has raised already.

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What is known issues?..

Answer / suresh

I Would Appreciate People Who Can Give Some Good Exmaples
Not simply Giving Definitions...

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