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TATA Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the speed of current?

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Is it possible to get earth resistance value"zero" Ohm practically??? If yes,which type of earthing???

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what is bus pt and what is the function of it ???

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What is an exciter and how does it work?

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When charging a 20 MVA , 33kV/6.6kV transformer through regulated (0-6.6 kV or 0-33 kV) source on no load , what will be the maximum current drawn by transformer from source and what sould be the source capacity.

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What is the purpose of starter and choke in tube light?

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selection of conductor in different voltage?

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what is kVA

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why we are using DC supply in megger?

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how you can select circuit breaker for 2000kva transformer?

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what about the power of wattmeter at starting and loding?


Can anyone explain how the vector diagram of a transformer which doesn't have name plate be found whether it is Dy11/Dy5/Yd11 and so on?

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Draw a SLD of DG distribution up to main LT panel?


How to calculate the ups battery back up? give the formula.

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it is in our knowledge tht right plug of supply of residential suppy system is phase n other is neutral...howevr the battery charger of mobile works in both ways...i mean it is not restricted in only one direction.ny of the holder of charger can hav phase .so y is it not lik tht phase of supply must b connected 2 phase of charger...?


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TATA Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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