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TATA CCNA Interview Questions
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Which of the following is True regarding passwords on a Cisco router? A. All passwords can be encrypted B. All passwords can be entered using the set-up dialogue C. A password can be set before a user can enter the privileged mode D. A password can be set for individual lines E. TACACS or Radius password authentication can be used.

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hi friend i am sending some interview question which is asked from me at volvo hope this will help you of all 1 what is mpls al question is posted by jitendera kumar sinha


What is a protocol

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Which Circuit is mostly used by Clients in Frame-Relay PVC or SVC ?

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if 10 pc's connected from internet, in 8 pc's internet is correctly run but in other 2 pc's they can not access internet,what's the problem?

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TATA CCNA Interview Questions

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