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TATA Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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1 unit or 1 kwh means how much kva

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What is voltage

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what is the instrument used for measuring insulator RESISTANCE

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why the transformer was not rotating like a motor?

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what is the working principle/operation/theory of 3-phase rectifier power transformer used in cold rolling mills.

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why does in transformer the v/f ratio constant?

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In EHV transmission line a neutral grounding reactor is often placed at neutral point of shunt reactors. What is the recommended protection for this neutral grounding reactor? Should I use a fast closing switch to bypass neutral grounding reactor when this protection operates?


what is effect of leading power facter on the system and billing


what is difference b/w earth and ground?

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how to define vector group of transformer

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1 ( Aluminium Cable ) = How much Amphere ( AMP )

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Whats changes in Transformer Oil BDV in changes in temp or Climate?

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what is difference between ac voltage and ac current

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define reactive power?

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TATA Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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