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TATA Taxation Interview Questions
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what r the heads of taxation

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what is assessment year and previous year ?

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Company should deduct TDS or not if Company is paying the amount directly to the Sub-Contractor by Debiting the A/c of Contractor and Crediting the A/c of Sub-Contractor ?? Rate??

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WCT Exemption limit ?? Pl explain on which items WCT is applicable.

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what is form 'H'? and why its used in Manufacturing Industry?

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Please tell me about service tax? And service tax latest rate?

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When i deduct TDS from my Sundry Creditor, i have to provide him TDS Certificate, after submitting the TDS Certificate to the party what Procedure i have to follow from my Company ?

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Is there any method not to deduct TDS on Provisons?


I have working with Rs.180000/- I want fill up itr 1st time What is process.


I want to know for Financial year 09-10 i.e 01.04.09 to 31.03.2010 what is the Assessment year

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If my Income is 180000 p.a., so what tax I have to be deposit, explain with details of total calculation?

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A Norwegian Company rents some equipment to a customer in India. The Norwegian Company does not have an office in India. The new tax regulations make in mandatory for them to furnish a PAN number without which a with holding tax will be deducted. The Norwegian company will be paying tax on this rental income in Norway. India and Norway have a Double Tax Avoidance Agreement. I wish to know 1) Is it possible for the Norweigian company to avoid the with holding tax in India?


i m geting gross 12250.m i liable for tds ? if s then how much it will take?

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Can anyone please tell me how to account TDS RECEIVABLES. (In Receipt entry is it possible to show the break up of TDS deducted & balance payment recd in single entry

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What is the difference between a TDS and an income tax?

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TATA Taxation Interview Questions

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