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TATA General Aptitude Interview Questions
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i need old exam papers for SBI clerical grade written test

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I am applying for vizag steel plant management recruitment for 2009 please can anybody send me the pattern of the written test paper

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A single discount equivalent to three successive discounts of 20%, 25% and 10% is a) 55% b) 50% c)48% d)46% plz specify the method... thanks

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12. A train 120 metres long passes an electric pole in 12 seconds and another train of same length traveling in opposite direction in 8 seconds. The speed of the second train is

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Which of the following letters does not belong in the sequence? A, E, I, F, U

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A clock gives 4 ticks consequetively. After days it has become defective & gives only 2 ticks. What is the probability that clock produces 3 ticks consequetively?

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what is the diode?

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five cities. city1 is west to city3. city4 is east to city 5.__ etc.which is farthest on west side.


6 Face of a cube are painted in a manner ,no 2 adjacent face have same colour three colurs used are red blue green. Cube is cut in to 36 smaller cube in such a manner that 32 cubes are of one size and rest of them bigger size and each bigger side have no red side.


A person sold two articles for 80 /- each.with 20% profit on one article and 20% loss on another article, what is the loss / profit he will gain on both.


Draw venn diagram relating rhombus, quadrilateral & polygon


Find the total number of squares in 1/4 of chess board ?


Two ladies ,two men sit in north east west south position of rectangular table. Using clues identify their position ?


a cube has colors blue,red ,yellow each on two opposite sides.cube is divided into "32 small cubes and 4 large cubes". how many cubes (on 36 cubes) have blue at least one side. how many cubes have colors on two sides.


analogy: cell: tissue::atom:?


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TATA General Aptitude Interview Questions

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