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TATA Electronics Communications Interview Questions
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What is the need for modulation?

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why do you choose ece branch?

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In protocols (I2c,SPI,CAN) which one is best?

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why we give external oscillator input to the micro controller

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what is race around condition

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Telecom BSS related ques: For cascaded 1800 BTS with master 900 BTS,if 900 master BTS is down for its own equipment fault,cascaded slave 1800 BTS gets down/stop carrying traffic without any fault as BCCH and other controllong channels are in master 900 BTS.Is there any technology/system to turn the slave 1800 BTS to a single 1800 BTS autometcally when 900 master BTS is down for its own equipment fault???It is possible to make the slave 1800 BTS single live BTS manually.But I want to know the autometic system/process.if there is any....if not available, how can we generate the system??

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what the difference between RUIM and SIM ???

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what is an industrial electronics engineer ? what he does ? what specialities and experties he should have ? what are the difference between industrial electronics engineer & electronics engineer & electrical engineer ?


hi ,iam saikiran my betch is 56% of 24 backlogs .gre 860,ielts 5.5 and i had booked my slot in june ,how i should prepare any suggestion


what is difference between esd grounding and electerical grounding.standared resistance value between esd grounding and electrical grounding (Plz. give reason also that why we keep this value.

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if both A and B subscribers are in roaming, how is the call flow between them?

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Define the signaling massage in telecomincation


Explain the STMi and how many type STMi are used in telecomunication.

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send me the bhel apprentice training written test model question papers

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In CDMA we are use PN'pseudo random noise ",why is is call Noise.

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TATA Electronics Communications Interview Questions

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