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TATA Interview Questions
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What is CORBA?

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The circum-radius of an equilateral triangle is 8 cm. The in-radius of the triangle is (a) 3.25 cm (b) 3.50 cm (c) 4 cm (d) 4.25 cm

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What is Alpha and Beta Testing?

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railway exam in asst loco pilot old test paper

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Wat is d diff b/w API fns & Norm fns

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Explain the working principle of Synchronous Generator and Assynchronous generator?

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What is the cause of major loss in efficiency of an IC engine?

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difference between layer3 switch and router

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What are the tickets used in Post Implementation Support stage in SAP FICO module? Give examples of a high priority, medium priority, & low priority tickets in Post Implementation Support.

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mahindra & mahindra's technical & aptitude questions

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I need BHEL Engineer Trainee written test papers in Mechanical stream.

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I want to sample Hotel management project in because still now i am doing that project for small please send me my email id is

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whatis mean by accured income?

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Hello Friends I had my ONGC test today,but it was very bad.But I would give certain suggestions so that u may not face he problem which i had. Be thorough with Electrical Technology.Generators.motors stators etc.There are 5 questions on that. There were also good no.of questions from Hydraulic machine and Production technology. Then 3 from Strength of materials.And remember the dimensional quantities.


how to calculate the capacity of the AC motor

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TATA Interview Questions

Un-Answered Questions

hi, these r the ques asked by tcs.. 1.what do sap hr consultants do in 5phases of asap methodology? how u did documentation? 2.Tables you come across in payroll process?n after copying wagetypes in which table they get stored?n table for indirect valuation? 3.wht r the steps u followed to create dynamic actions? wht r the dynamic actions u created? u do exemptions in indian payroll? 5.wht is igmod? wht is the use of it? 6.where u save payroll results? u do evaluation path? dont say the configuration path..say the process.. 8.wht configuration u did in OM in implementation? 9.wht r the steps to do hiring action? n on how many actions u have worked?how u configured all those things?


What are the common reasons for errors in accounting?


Give an example of how using an HttpHandler could simplify an existing design that serves Check Images from an .aspx page.


Mention in what ways cloud architecture provide automation and performance transparency? Elaborate.


What methods of robot class do you know?


What is the key element of Defect Report and Test case format?


Are value types sealed?


Detection of a beam & a girder are––––


How do I get to safe mode?


Explain source inspection.


What is duplex and super duplex steel?


Can pl sql procedure have a return statement?


What is the difference between the Standard and Professional Editions of Merge?


How do you use the f4 key on a laptop?


When we are doing cash sales, free goods and discount, How many pricing procedure do we need to create..? Only one PP required or have to create multiple PP..? and how many condition type we need to create..?