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Oracle Oracle General Interview Questions
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Can a property clause itself be based on a property clause ?

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If a parameter is used in a query without being previously defined, what diff. exist betw. report 2.0 and 2.5 when the query is applied ?


What are the sql clauses supported in the link property sheet ?

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What is trigger associated with the timer ?

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What are the trigger associated with image items ?

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What are the different windows events activated at runtime ?


find out the second highest salary?

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which statement is running fastly ie insert or delete?

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how the Oracle Prepares the Execution Plan and how it chooses the Optimal one?


what is the difference between dbms and rdbms?

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what is the difference between sql& oracle?

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what is trigger?

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what is the difference between first normal form & second normal form?

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what is null value?

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what is the difference between functional dependecy and multilevel dependency?


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Oracle Oracle General Interview Questions

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