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Oracle Oracle General Interview Questions
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What is Water Mark in Oracle?

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How to Select second Maximum salary in a Table ?

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Which Functions Using Integer ==> String's i.e 2 ==> Two... Like that string's ==> integer values ? It is Possible ?

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what is main def between plsql/table and array?

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I have one table :EID,Depid,ename,sal I want to have max(sal) in each department.

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what is dynamic SGA and static SGA


why should i declare foreign key constraint as self relation instead of binary relation in tables ?


What happens internally when the user types userID/password@string in SQL PLUS Thanks-Bhaskar

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does Oracle has only one table space?

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how to find count rows in table without count function?

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i have executed the Delete command after the I have created table whether deletions will be commit or not? if table is successfully created?

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primary key is foreign key for the same table?

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i have a question here... As of my knowledge, when we apply an index (b-tree)on a column, internally it arranges the data in b-tree format and do the fetching process correspondingly... and my quetion is... How a bit-map index arranges the data internally when applied on a column?IS it in b-tree format or whatelse?


I have a table called 'test' on source and target with same name, structure and data type but in a different column order. How can you setup replication for this table?


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Oracle Oracle General Interview Questions

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