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ITC Infotech Interview Questions
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What happen if LV supply is fed to a HT motor?

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Why we are use 11KV / 22KV / 33KV / 66KV / 110KV / 230KV / 440KV this type of ratio. why cant we use other voltage ratio like 54KV / 99KV et.,

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parallel operation for tansformer which condition fill fil for that

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how can we load a file of a user in the database table?

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If i have 100 objects in my application are out of scope.when first time garbage collected how many objects memory reference are free?

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Explain Water fall Model

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May I know the difference between the RAID and Volume Manager?

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Difference between web.config and app.config?

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hi friends,can any one post the ibm mainframe inteqview questions for 1year exp candidate,for itc infotech interview?. have any body attended for this in the past?...

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In power plant synchronizing time (synchroniging meter should be 12'o clock position only. why not 6'o clock position not possible.

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what is the testing process

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what is 1st angle & 2nd angle drawing difference?

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In our plant we are having 6.6 v motor wih MV drive running frm last two years.udenly at some speed motor getting vey vibrations what is the problem

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How to calcualte 1unit of current consumption?

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ITC Infotech Interview Questions

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